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How to Connect an Ethereum Address on Faucetpay With Metamask, How to Deposit Ethereum on Faucetpay

How to Connect an Ethereum Address on Faucetpay With Metamask, How to Deposit Ethereum on Faucetpay

One of the cryptocurrency wallets that many people use to collect small amounts of bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies today is faucetpay. 

Faucetpay is a popular microwallet provider, where you can receive or send small amounts of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies from faucets and other sites with no additional cost. 

In faucetpay there are more than 350+ sites willing to pay you a small amount of crypto money that instantly goes into your faucetpay wallet. 

Before you claim the payment you have to enter the address of the cryptocurrency you want to claim, but for Ethereum and Feyorra coins, it is slightly different from other crypto currencies. 

 So before you deposit Ethereum on faucet pay. You should follow these steps first.

Step 1:

Make sure you already created an account on faucetpay.

Step 2:

Make sure that you have installed the metamask and make your account on metamask

Step 3:

Click on the three lines at the top corner

Step 4 :

After that click on the "Share My Public Address" section

Step 5 :

After that share the address to your notes

Step 6 :

After the address is copied to your notes, you have to copy it again, after that open faucetpay

Step 7 :

After faucetpay opened, you have to click the "Linked Addressed"

Step 8 :

Enter the Ethereum address that you copied from the metamask into the address column, after that change the bitcoin coin to Ethereum.

Step 9 :

After that click "Link" and if it is successful it will be displayed in the column below.

Step 10 :

After that you just try to deposit from the faucet site, 100% work !!!!
If you are lazy to read, no problem, I have prepared a video tutorial below. please watch and listen carefully:

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